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Cashing in on the Web is an affiliate marketing platform owned and operated by Women in Ecommerce™ for the purpose of promoting products and services to our members, from our members and by our members.

Women in Ecommerce™ was founded in 2001 as Women’s Ecommerce Association, International.

Over the past several years our operators and members have created many products both digital and tangible.

While we focus primarily on the sale of digital products we will promote tangible products where our members want to increase traffic to their sites as well as sales volume.

Most of the product we carry will have a 100% money back guarantee of a minimum of Seven (7) days up to 60 days depending on the seller and type of product being promoted. (See individual product for terms of guarantee).

Some of our digital products include (or will include) ebooks, training programs, ecourses, webinars, audio programs and more.

If you are a member of Women in Ecommerce™ or have a product you feel would be a good fit for our audience, fill out the form below and let us know about it!

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate and sell products (pending approval) so if you would like to become a promoter of products on this site, go to the sign-up page and fill out that form. Once we have reviewed your application one of our team members will let you know if we can accept you into our affiliate marketing program.

In addition, we plan to have training programs on the sites use once we are running at full-steam.  Please check back with us to see what those programs include.

Thank you for your interest in Cashing in on the WEB. Our goal is to increase revenue for Women in Ecommerce™, our supporters and members.

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